Jul 1, 2010

When I'm not happy, I...

  1. Grab my iPhone and put in some earphones and blast music. Usually something upbeat so I can get moving and eventually sing into my hairbrush in no time!

  2. Curl up on the couch with my zebra Snuggie and watch Cake Boss. I love him and his cakes!

  3. Sit on my balcony with a glass of iced tea and a good book.

  4. Get a hug from Aaron. He gives the best hugs.

  5. Take a nap and hope I wake up on the right side of the bed.

  6. Read some scripture.

  7. Call my sister and listen to my niece try and talk.

  8. Do laundry. For some reason I find it very therapeutic.

  9. Write. I always have a notebook near, or I pull out my iPhone and start making lists.

  10. Watching something funny. Once I start laughing, I'm good!

What are some things you do to make yourself feel better when you're having a not-so-happy moment?

This message is brought to you by Mama Kat's Writing Workshop.


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