Jul 8, 2010

My adventures in babysitting...

...a 29 year old man this weekend.

And before you ask any questions, he's in no way handicapped...mentally or physically.

If you're a follower from my old blog, I had made a post all about "Bob" and his antics.
This man can not be trusted with anything.
He is Aaron's cousin (who introduced us!) and he has a problem. Well, two problems.

He's addicted to drugs...and steals whatever he has to so he can get them.

In the past 5 months, he has:

  • Stolen Gramma and Poppy's van. Was gone for 2 days.

  • $50 from Gramma and Poppy

  • Two 46inch Visio flat screen televisions from his parents house while they were away in Texas.

  • A very cherished porcelain doll from his mother

  • A friend's vehicle, who's husband reported stolen after he left and didn't come back for many hours. He was later arrested and  spent a few weeks in jail...which was how long it took before the friend's husband dropped charges.

This doesn't include the almost $3,000 he has stolen from me!

Because of this, the family has pretty much disowned him. You can't take "Bob" out anywhere without him finding someone to give him money and then disappearing.

Well now, onto the babysitting!!

I woke up on Saturday to Bob's mom (Hubby's aunt) calling and saying she's going out of town for the night. She's locking the house and not allowing Bob to stay there. Before I could say anything, she was dropping Bob off on my front step.

Are you serious??

Sometimes, I'm too nice. I talked to hubs and because he's family, and we want to do what's right, we thought we would give him ONE MORE CHANCE.
Big effing mistake my dear blogarinos. Big Fat Effing Mistake!

Our friend Christine came over that night and wanted to hang out and celebrate the 4th a little early, so we went out to a bar down the street. Bob did really well while we were there, until it was time to come home.
Somehow, he got $30 out of Christine to pick something up, but decided he was going to take off instead.
He disappeared for 3 hours!
Didn't come knocking on my door until 4am.

Christine confronted him about wanting the cigarettes and alcohol he was supposed to pick up for her, but he looked at her all wide-eyed and said, "I'm working on it."

Are you serious????


He was tired of Bob using and abusing friends and family. He started bringing everything up, how he can't be trusted and he's a thief, and yadda yadda yadda. Things got heated. I mean so heated I had to step in because Aaron would have gotten physical.

After getting Aaron pulled away and calmed down, we went to bed.
Bob went to the guest room and Aaron stayed in our room.

The next day, we didn't see Bob for at all. He locked himself in my guest room because he didn't want to confront Aaron.
Aaron was still pretty pissed about the night before.
Finally at 10pm, Bob emerges from the guest room and he and Aaron had a talk.
Bob's mom called me and asked if everything was ok and I asked her when she was coming home. She told me she would be home early the NEXT morning, so I told her she needs to come get her son because he's not welcome in my home anymore after this weekend.

The next day I get up and go to work.
Bob's mom called me around 1:00pm and asked if he was still at my house and I said yes. She was kind of irritated because I told her she needs to pick him up now because I had plans with Aaron after work. No one in hell was I going to let him stay in my apartment...alone.
She said she would be there in a hour.

I get off work at 6:00pm and GUESS WHO IS STILL AT MY HOUSE!
You got it...BOB.
I called his mom and she said she was in Palmer, which is an hour away. She was supposed to be home already!!!!
I told her I was going to drop him off at the house and he could wait for her, but Bob mentioned he needed to go to the hospital because he hurt his back.
I was so fed up with him that I dropped him off at the hospital and left.
Called his mom and told her where he was and went on with my plans with Aaron and my brother.

I get a phone call later, but I didn't answer.

It's pretty bad when Bob is not welcome at the grandparents house, his aunt's house, his uncle's house, and now my house.

What would you do if you had a family member like that who you gave 4,568 chances to not screw you over?

Am I wrong or mean for not wanting him to be around my place?


Amy said...

You are 100% right!!!

Plain and simple. You don't need someone like that in your home, in your life.

You put up with it a lot longer than I would have.

But, I understand trying to help family. However, you can not help someone that does not want to be helped!

Good for you for banning him! Stick with it.

Rabbit said...

I used to be a "Bob" though I hate to admit it. The best thing that happened to me was everyone cutting me off. Looked up one day and I had no one left because I had screwed everyone I knew over and they were all fed up. It really made me reevalute what I was doing - to others and to myself - and realize it was time for a change.

I think you're doing the right thing. Cut him off and let him figure it out. And pray he comes around. I did and I am a pretty dang good person these days. It was just a long journey and took me a long minute to get here. Perhaps the same can be true for your "Bob."

Hang in there.

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