Jul 16, 2010

My favorite day

This is the day I get to leave work early and not come back for 2 days.
I love it!

This week has been totally crappy.
We have some things that are changing at work that I'm ready to bitch about in another post.

But here's a small preview so you're not in too much suspense. Ha!

My boss is cutting everyone's hours.
We have so many car accident patients in ICU.
The higher ups in the hospital are lazy.
All the nurses think it's ok to sit on their asses when the patients need them.

That's not even the beginning!

But anywho, I plan on going shopping with my MIL after work today. She needs help buying a new bed. Then I'm not doing a single thing this weekend!

I deserve a weekend off from helping anyone.

Happy Friday Blogarinos!

What are your plans this weekend?


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