Jul 19, 2010

The weekend needs to be longer

Can I get a "Amen!" people?
This weekend was full of sun and lots of work.

Friday started off with me going shopping with my MIL for a new bed for a spare room in her house.
She had a couch/bed in there, but wanted an actual bed so she would have somewhere comfy to sleep when her husband was snoring.
Her cousin's husband was supposed to move the heavy ass couch down to the basement and take the futon because they were in need of one. Fair deal.
They never showed!
We needed to get the bed into the house, so I called Hubs to help me move the couch. This sucker was HEAVY!
After much maneuvering and pinching of fingers, arms, and toes, we got the couch downstairs to the basement and the futon out in the garage.
The result?
A big fat bruise!

As I've mentioned on Twitter…Hubs didn't want to save for a new XBox, so he went around me and loaned the money from his mom.
Instead of us paying her back, she asked that "we" paint her deck and stairs.
Now, I love doing home improvement projects, but I would have much rather paid her back the $300.
It makes my life much more simple and pleasant.

We got there around 9am and started scrubbing the deck and scraping the rough spots.
Then we let it dry in the sub while we went to Lowe's and got the paint.
We got back and started the fun!

It was such a nice afternoon that I actually enjoyed painting. I was doing something that I like while being outside, soaking up some sun.

We finished around 6pm so we cleaned up and had a BBQ.
Once we were inside awhile and began eating, that's when I noticed it…

I was sunburnt!!
We finished dinner and packed up to go home, but stopping off at the store to get some aloe.

We got home and took our showers, only to be in agony because I had to scrub to get all of the paint off of me.
It felt so good to lay in bed afterwards

Sunday I woke up and it was raining so I did the only logical thing…laid on the couch and watched movies!
I watched:
• Fireproof
• The Time Traveler's Wife
• The Lovely Bones

I loved them all!

How was your weekend Blogarinos?

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