Aug 17, 2010

I'm afraid...

...that my brother is screwing me over.
...that my brother and his girlfriend aren't going to help me pay rent and bills that they are running up.
...that I'm going to have to kick out my brother for not helping me out.
...that my brother is taking advantage of me not being able to say no to him when he needs help.
...that I'm not going to have enough courage to kick him out if he doesn't pay up.

I'm not his mother and I'm tired of being used.

GIST #3: Being alive to write this post. (Feeling a little down.)


Amy said...

Do we have the same brother? Mine is staying with me....till he saves up enough money to move out on his own. He does give me a little money when he works a shift. Like $5.

He is lazy though. And doesn't offer to ever help around the house.

I blame my parents for him being lazy around the house. He never had to lift a finger to clean the house when we were younger.

Good luck with your brother. I know how you feel. I had feeling like I am being taken advantage of. But, I hate not helping my brother if I can.

It is a double-edged sword for sure.

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