Aug 24, 2010


Someone tell me why I'm being tortured with pregnancy announcements on Facebook and at work!
I don't know how much I can handle this.

Yesterday marked the 12th...yes...12th pregnancy announcment among my Facebook friends.
Don't get me wrong, I'm extremely happy for these women, but enough is enough.
It's not fair that someone has a baby, then 10 months later gets pregnant again.
It's not fair when someone has a baby and doesn't even want the baby...wants to give custody of her child to her mother and father, and becomes pregnant again.
It's not fair that I've completely been changing my life around to become healthier and doing all this work (charting, taking temps, OPKs, pregnancy tests) to only get a big fat negative every month.

I've prayed over this every single night.
I pray in church.
I pray in the shower.
I pray while walking up and down the hallways at work.
I pray while cooking dinner.

I know things work in God's timing, but how come someone else's timing can look to be completely off and I'm sitting back struggling to cope day by day.
Just wanting a child. Just one. I'm not greedy.


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