Aug 18, 2010

I knew it was coming...and I'm happy

I love my sisters.
I will do anything for them.
Even if it means kicking some loser's ass.

My mom hit me up on Facebook earlier and asked me if I heard about my sister, Genny, and her boyfriend R.
I was racking my brain about what it could luck, she was probably pregnant again.
Not so much...

Apparently, R was watching Julia (my niece) and she was being what every almost 8 month old baby is...A HANDFUL!
Well he couldn't take it and got mad and decided to punch a chair.
Are you effing serious dude? Punching a chair because a baby is being fussy?????
When my sister found out, she asked him what his problem was and he in return said, "Why are you being so fucking selfish? You should have given Julia up for adoption!"
Well, that pissed off my sister.

This loser hasn't worked in over 4 years. My mother has been helping them pay their bills because Genny was the only one working. When she became pregnant, she couldn't work, so my mother allowed them to move in with her so Julia would be taken care of. Well R  has been sponging off my mother. She's been paying his truck payment, providing shelter for him, providing food, all the while he's sitting on his ass, smoking weed and sleeping all day long.
So it's about time for his ass to leave and I'm so happy my sister is finally getting rid of him.

The only bad thing about the whole "kicking his ass out on his rear" thing is this...
He has a HORRIBLE temper. I mean...bad.
When this little baby doesn't get his way, he likes to damage things.
He doesn't know my sister is kicking him out for good. She plans on doing it Saturday morning and then staying at a friend's house.
My mother called me saying she was scared about having Genny there while she tells R to hit the road and take his stuff out of the apartment. My mother works on the pipeline in Northern Alaska, so she's not able to be there to make sure everything is ok.
So I'm going out there and spending the night Friday night and I'm going to make sure things go smoothly when R comes around.

I love having R scared of me. He knows better than to do anything stupid when I'm around. Because I'll either....
A. Kick his ass
B. Kill him


C. Kick his ass then kill him.

I hope everything goes well on Saturday. I'm gonna pack up all of his stuff Friday night when I get over to my mother's apartment and make sure not a thing is left behind so he doesn't have an excuse to come over.
My goal is to keep Genny safe and my beautiful niece!


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