Aug 12, 2010

I wish I could slack off

I hate when I'm the only one that busts my ass when I work.
Today was total hell!
Darcy had to leave early due to a family emergency and it left 2 other co-workers.
I didn't see them for almost 2 hours!!

I went on about 15 calls in the 2 hours and they were all supposed to be 2 people lifts. I paged specifically for the other 2 co-workers, tried calling their work cell phones and tried personal cell phones.
No answer.

I tried getting the nurses to help, but they are all so fucking useless. What the hell did they do before there was a lift team???

It didn't help the fact that I fell last night.
I fell HARD!
I was walking up the walk way to my apartment and it was raining really hard. I stepped up on the wooden deck to go through the front door when the next thing I know, I'm flat on the ground with a shooting pain running up my right hip and my wrist up to my shoulder. I didn't get to brace myself for impact because it happened so fast.
I finally got up after my brother's girlfriend helped me gather everything and she followed me up the stairs.

I told everyone at work that I was sore and I was going to need help. Well other than Darcy, they didn't care. They totally ignored me after she left and I was left alone to do everything by myself.

I think I may slack off tomorrow and not do a damn thing because everyone else seems to get away with it.
But then again, I'll probably be the one that gets fired.


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