Aug 11, 2010

If It's Not One Thing It's Another (Part 1)

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As I've said before, my family has started reading my blog. For whatever reason, they feel like I'm trying to take A because I can't have kids. This, as I am sure you know, is a flat out lie. Up until some time around April/May it's all been about K.

When my Mom, Grandma, and Aunt came down, I thought K would put up a facade to make us look like we were lying. But, you know what? I was wrong. She still went out almost every night.

At one point, my grandma got pissed off and point blank asked me "So, when you take this baby from her, what are you going to do? Kick K out?". I was shocked she said that to my face. I heard from everyone that people were saying this, but no one asked me flat out. So, I said "Well, if people would stop talking about me behind my back without getting their facts straight they wouldn't be sitting around talking about my ass all day." After talking with my grandma for a bit, she realized how wrong K was and how right I was.

But, let me back up to give you all a taste of what's been going on for the past few months.

All Winter long, the plan was for K and A to go back to TN while for the summer after her classes were done the first week of May to allow me some time to work since I hadn't been able to work much since they moved in with us last Fall. All systems were a go until we had our carnival accident in April and began a three month (omg-ugh) stint of therapy appointments every week.

Since she had to stay in Fl0rida for awhile, she started begging me to let her work. I was very hessitant about this. I wanted to have the time so I could work. I have over 50 bins of inventory that has been waiting on me and the summer was the perfect time (with K off to watch A) for me to get some things done. But, I caved. NYEBoy spent several nights (hours-after work/school every day) helping her find a job.

I guess I should back up a little bit more. This past semester, K has been hanging out with the wrong crowd. She's been sending naked pictures to guys in her class via text messages. She's made videos with her iPhone. I went through her phone and even found where she was telling this guy she would pay his court fees and to have some girl do his paper and shit. It was RE-DONK-U-LOUS! So, I confronted her about it. That didn't go so well, but really nothing was solved.
It was during this time that I decided I would go back to school this Fall. I was hoping by going to school with her, I could help lead her back to the right path. Little did I know that the shit would hit the fan before I even had a chance.

So, we fast forward to May. She starts working. Soon after that, she stopped coming home every night. When she did come home, she was visably high and/or drunk. She was becoming more distant with us. She even came home drunk and high on A's birthday (and only saw her for a few minutes the entire day).
As I posted on my blog, in July she decided to go to the Navy, but has since retracted that statment a bit.

Now we're into August. This week alone, we've found weed in her bathroom twice,  recovered 400-500 pictures and over 2000 text messages from her cell phone. Apparently she's fucking a lot of guys (even though she has an STD!!) and buying/selling/smoking weed all of the time. We made her an offer of $300 cash and our car (NYEBoy's dad just bought us a newer car.) We're waiting to hear her decision on that. If she comes back and says no (soon) then we're taking her to court.

After writing all of that, I am exhausted. But, there's more drama. I will write up that other post for Nikke after I get some sleep.


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