Aug 12, 2010

If It's Not One Thing It's Another (Part 2)

Thanks again to Nikke for letting me hijack her blog.

On top of all of the drama going on with K, I am now also dealing with some school shit. You know, because that stress just ISN'T enough. (Thanks Life! God! Universe! Whoever it is that hating me right now!)

So, back in May, when all of this start going down with K, I decided to start school in the Fall with her hoping to keep her on track. I called the college to find out what I would need to do to get registered.

Obviously, I had to get my GED before I could register for classes. They said they didn't need the score right away, as long as they got them within the first six months of school. Basically they would just hold your grades for the first semester. No big deal, right?
After hanging up the phone with them, I called the one (and only-omg don't even get me started on THAT) GED testing center in our county. Cool enough, after you take the test you get an actual Florida High School Diploma. Their first available slot wasn't until mid-July. No biggie, I would get the test done in July and spend August registering for classes and such, right?

As the drama continues to unfold, I am forced to put it on the back burner while I get my GED and CPT preperations underway. Study, study, study, that's all I've been doing for weeks. It's exhausting, but rewarding as I see that I can do this.

I take my GED but bomb the Math portion of my CPT because I never really had much formal Algebra training (nor did I need it for the GED). So, I study for the Math again. This time, I still bombed the test to get into straight College Algebra.

I ended up taking an exam for the first of three Math classes you have to have before you can take College Algebra. I passed, of course. The 2nd Algebra is required if you test below a certain number. There are no college credits for the first two Algebras, but they are required before moving on to the 3rd Algebra. The 3rd Algebra counts as an elective, not as a Math credit. So, I figured I would take Level 2 this semester and Level 3 next semester. No biggie, right?

After taking these tests, I go to schedule an appointment for oreintation (you can't register as a freshman until you do this all day bullshit). They had two openings, one not until next week and one yesterday. I scheduled for both just in case. Well, Tuesday, I looked online to ssee if there was another opening to see if I could reschedule after Wedneday but before next Tuesday. That was when I found out I was unable to register and my financial aid was dropped. WHAT?

NYEBoy, A, and I drove over to see what the fuck was going on. There were two things causing these issues. First of all, they were declaring me an out of state student because I didn't buy a house or have a car in my name as soon as I got out here and I also didn't work. You know, because OBVIOUSLY if you move out to Florida in September of 2008, but don't put a car or house (a lease don't count, which I have) in your name and you don't work, you're NOT a TRUE resident. Oh, right. MY FUCKING BAD. (NOT!) I was pissed. The process to get re-established as a resident is harder than when you intially register through school, so I wasn't happy with this news. I asked to talk to the lady in charge or reclassifying (She's the biggest bitch IN. THE. WORLD.) to see if I would be able to re-classify next Fall before I would agree to this. (I dealt with her earlier in the summer with K's bullshit.) Tution for instate is less than $300 per class. Tuition for out of state is about a thousand dollars a class. I agreed. No biggie, right?

The next issue was with my financial aid. We waited in line for several hours for this one for the second or third time in as many weeks. After waiting in line all of this time, it turns out, I have a hold on my financial aid until they get the GED scores. WHAT? Oh yes my dear readers, you can REGISTER and PAY for classes, but financial aid needs them BEFORE the payment due date. So they lied to me in May.

Here's the deal, classes start August 23rd, the payments are due August 10th. Any class you register for after August 10th, the class payments are due the same day before 10pm or your classes are dropped. There is a session B that starts Septmeber 9th with a payment deadline of August 31st. Also, they have a session C that starts October 11th with a payment deadline of October 4th. No biggie, right?

My GED scores? They are due back between September 1st and 13th. Yes, I'm pretty much fucked. It will be a miracle if the scores come in before the August session. It's a toss up between sessions B and C, which I would be okay with either way. No biggie, right?

Wrong. It's all wrong.

Of the classes my advisor wants me to take, only one has an opening for session B and two that have openings in session C and they both start at the same time.

I'm livid. I'm so very upset about this shit. I was REALLY looking forward to going to school in two weeks and now I don't even know what the fuck is going to happen.

Obviously someone out there has it out for me. I could totally use a break. I just want things to go smooth sailing.

The reasons I don't want to post this on my blog is because I don't want K knowing about this with everything going on. It's not like it would really matter, but it's just

another distraction for her, you know?
So please, please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I can't believe it's all falling like this.


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