Aug 30, 2010

A message from beyond?

My mom hit me up on Facebook last night and said she got the strangest message in her email.
She said it was from Facebook saying someone sent her a message.
This is what it said...

If you can't see it, it says: NICE FISH !!

Now the strangest thing is this...
1. Keith Daniels is the name of her ex-husband.
2. He's been dead for 7 years...

She looked at the profile, and there was no information on the profile. It was completley blank.
She was freaking out on me wanting to know who was messing with her or what, but she's been noticing she's been having "ghostly" things happening at her camp at work (She works on the Alaska Pipeline) and everyone up there is freaking out.
Maybe this is someone playing a prank on her, maybe it's a message from the dead.
He was always partial to fishing and never experienced Alaska fishing.


Amy said...

Whoa! Now that IS strange! Not to mention creepy! If someone is playing a trick on your mom, that is just WRONG! However, if it is from the grave....that is even MORE wrong! {cold chill}

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