Aug 14, 2010

My heart weighs heavy and a new goal

I was cruising Facebook earlier and I found out that Joe's ex-girlfriend is pregnant again.
I'm so tired of reading all of these people getting pregnant and I'm still without a baby!
Joe's ex-girlfriend doesn't know anything about raising a child. Her mother has been raising my nephew because she keeps my nephew away from my brother. She's so controlling over him, but never wants to be around him!
I just don't get why the people that could care less if they have a child or not get pregnant all the time time and so easily!
It just don't make sense to me.

I've decided that I need more positive things in my life.
I tend to focus on all the negativity and end up just stressing myself out. Not a good way to live now is it?
I used to do this thing called Grace in Small Things, but fell out of it after only a little while. Well I'm going to do it again!
It's pretty much finding the small things and appreciating them.

GIST: Falling asleep on the couch as the sun warmed my face.


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