Aug 23, 2010

An opportunity

I work in healthcare.
I'm really good at my job that I do right now, but it's not challenging. It's actually rather boring. Don't get me wrong, I like my job. I like the people I work with and I like dealing with patients, but it's just the same thing over and over again.

I get paged to ICU, we boost a patient and reposition them, sometimes change them, or take them to have a test done.
I get paged to a unit and take someone to have a test done.
I get paged to a unit and discharge someone.
Day after day after day after day.
Plus, my hours are getting cut and I'm not okay with that. At all.

For the past month now, I've been going to Gramma and Poppy's house to take Poppy to his doctor appointments (because no one else in the family is responsible or dependable, but that's a whole OTHER post...and believe me, I have a lot of bitching to do about certain family members.

As most of you know, Poppy is pretty much bedridden because no one is around to get him out of bed. Aunt C moved into the house a few years ago to help take care of Gramma and Poppy, but she's such a slacker. She's lazy, selfish, and doesn't do anything.
She does cook for them, but she's a diabetic and refuses to buy them food they want to eat. She has a credit card with her name on it that is linked to their account and takes total advantage of it. They remodeled the basement into a living apartment and she has the whole downstairs to herself, but she's always gone.
Gramma calls me to come over and feed Poppy lunch because he hasn't eaten all day.

We called home care companies, but Poppy doesn't want to spend his whole retirement check on someone to come out every day from morning to evening and make sure they get fed and bathe him when he needs to be bathed and even get him out of his bed every day.

After talking to my mother-in-law, I came up with a great plan...

Why don't they hire me to do everything for the both of them and I'll charge them a fraction of the cost. I'm not a greedy person and I'm willing to do it for the salary I make now and believe's not going overboard. I just want to be able to pay my bills and Gramma and Poppy can afford it and not go broke getting care they need.

This next week, mother-in-law wants me to come up with a plan of care that I think is fit for them and we'll present it to Gramma. Poppy is all for it because he trusts me. He knows I'll be there and knows I can do it physically (getting him in and out of bed, in the shower, and to his doctor appointments) and he absolutely loves me!
He is my husband's grandfather, but he sees me as one of his own.

If Gramma goes for this, I'll be so happy. I'm so tired of everyone taking advantage of Gramma and Poppy. It's really making me sick to my stomach and Aunt C is just the beginning. There's many other family members that are on my shit list. And things are really going to start changing around Gramma and Poppy's house. They somehow lost their voice in the way their house that they both worked really hard to own and I want to help them find it again.


Margaret said...

I hate when people take advantage of the elderly. I work in a nursing home for years and totally loved everything about it. If I hadn't hurt my back I would still be there working with them.

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