Aug 13, 2010

We love you!

As I've been writing on Twitter and Facebook, I got a new laptop. This sucker is fast!! Since we have a decent computer now and I found my USB cord to my digital camcorder, I imported all of the videos off of the hard drive from the camcorder and uploaded them onto my computer.
I haven't really watched any of the videos...until now.

There's videos on there from Christmas 2008 when we got the thing!
It was fun looking back at all of the videos and re-living those memories in sound...instead of photos.
I can hear what everyone was saying outloud and not having to use my pee-brain to think back.
I like that part!

I was having such a great time laughing and smiling at all the goofy stuff that we've done, until I got to the videos of when Aaron and his family took the trip down to Petersburg and Kake, Alaska to bury Uncle John.
Aaron took video of the WHOLE trip so he could come back and show Gramma and Poppy since they are too old and sick to travel that far.
Now I know why I've put it off for so long!

I think I cried and cried my eyes out because it was so sad and remembering everything about it.
There were 2 services since he was born in Petersburg, Alaska then later moved to the small island village of Kake, Alaska.

I now have to make a video and picture montage of the whole trip and I've only done 1/4 of it. I don't know how I'm going to do the rest without a dry eye!
I'll get through it though.

Looking at all of the videos, this one was my favorite.
Aaron, his mom & dad, his 2 aunts, and his cousin were riding the ferry from Juneau to Petersburg and when they arrived to Petersburg, they took this video.
It says it all...


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