Aug 9, 2010

Weekend Recap

I wish this weekend was a lot longer!
It's partly my fault because I never go out. I mean, NEVER.
Friday I had a chance to go out and hang out with some friends. I went with a good friend Christine, Hubby, my brother Joe and his girlfriend Shay.
We ended up meeting a bunch of other people at a bar and went bar hopping. I only remember buying 4 drinks for myself, but they must have been super strong because a few hours later, I was DRUNK!
I had a lot of fun though...until the cab ride home.
The cab driver was swerving in and out of traffic and my drunk ass was getting nauseous!
I ended up throwing a $20 bill at the driver and high tailed it out of the cab when I got home...just in time to puke in my yard.
I know I'll probably go out again, but I'm never drinking THAT much again!

This is myself, my friend Christine, and my brother Joe in the background.

Let's just say Saturday was a hangover day. Until I got a phone call saying I needed to come over and help the Mother-in-Law take her family to the airport. She has a tiny truck and had a bunch of people come up to watch my hubby's cousin graduate from a program at UAA.
It was nice to see them, but I didn't want to pick up their 18 bags of luggage, let alone drive with a massive headache. But duties called and I did.
I was so happy to come back home and lay on my couch!!

I came home and Aaron, Joe, and Shay had gone to the store and Aaron was making homemade clam chowder. OMG! It's by far my favorite and it made the house smell soooo good. After letting it cook in the crock pot all day, I was happy to wake up from a nap and it be ready.
Yummy!!! I'm glad we have leftovers so I'll be taking lots to work with me.

Sunday was just a lazy day. I woke up and did my laundry then we went to Mother-in-Law's house and had a BBQ while we watched....NFL SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!!!!
That's right folks, football season is back! Well, it's pre-season right now, but in a few short weeks (September 9th) the first game of the season starts.

How was your weekend dear Blogarinos?
Anything fun and exciting??


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