Aug 21, 2010

Weekend Recap

As most of you have been reading on Twitter and Facebook, I have been absolutely bombarded with work at my mother-in-law's house as well as Gramma & Poppy's house.
Everyone needs help cleaning their house and getting organized before the snow hits!
Yes, we're worrying about snow in August right now. Mornings are running around 45 degrees and it's just getting cold in the evenings! So sad.

Well I have finally paid off my debt with the mother-in-law! I went over and helped her clean her shed and pull out the parts for her pool table that she is selling to her cousin and helped with her garage. I'm so happy to not have to go back over there and work on my days off!!!
Well, now I have to finish Gramma & Poppy's house. Gramma tends to hoard EVERYTHING. I can't wait to show you the progress we've made.
I went over there and cleaned out her kitchen and dining room because she had BUGS! I bleached the whole place, vacuumed all the crevices and made sure it was all clean after we got a new stove. Organized her pantry and threw away food that was from 2001!
Lot's of changes are about to happen and I can't wait to share them with you...I'm really excited about it all.

Also, Sunday I'm going to a new church instead of my regular one. My Auntie J has found a new church and she says it's awesome, so Gramma wants to go. We'll see how it goes. I'm always up to new things, and I have a lot I need to pray about this week.

Any requests??

I hope everyone is having a great weekend and if you're in Alaska....SOAK UP THAT SUN! We're losing it =[


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