Aug 26, 2010

What happened to people helping out?

I see a car stranded on the side of the road with people in it, I stop and ask if they are all right or need help.
I see a car with it's flashers on in the middle of road, I ask if there is anything they need help with.
A stranger comes up to me and says they have a dead battery and mind if I give them a jump, I'm all over it!
I wish other people were like that.

I got stranded at work.
I got out to my car and went to start it and it was DEAD!
I was so upset.
I parked in a major parking lot with a ton of traffic and people coming out of the hospital and I asked EVERYONE for help. I had the jumper cables, I just needed a running car. I was asking so many people, you would have thought I was hooking it!
Every single person said no.
Are you kidding me???
How would you feel if you needed help and asked me for help and I said no?! You would be angry!!
I called Aaron and luckily he was just getting off work, so I waited for him to come across town to give me a jump.

I'm just appaulled at the behavior of people sometimes.
What happened to helping fellow man?
Helping someone in need when you're more than capable of helping.
It's not like I was asking for $100.

I will NOT shun people away from this experience.
If anything, it makes me want to help people even more.
To show people there are still some good seeds out there willing to help when someone is in need.


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