Sep 7, 2010


My brother's ex-gf's father called him the other day and told him that he needed to meet him at his work in the next couple of days.
Well Tuesday was my day off, so I drove him clear across town, getting lost a few times, and found where the guy worked.
We got there and he bought my brother a car. It's not the nicest looking car, but it's a car nonetheless and he just handed the title and keys over to my brother.
He said he wanted my brother to have a reliable way to get to work and come see his son whenever he wanted.

This generous act of a man that didn't have any ties or obligations to my brother, bought him a car.
That seriously made tears of joy fall out of my eyes.
Just the other week we were talking in prayer circle while eating lunch and we had some ladies pray over my brother and myself.
My brother hasn't had the best life while growing up and things have just been a little bit harder on him than other people.

So we see this as a huge blessing and his ex-gf's father will always have a special place in my heart.


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