Sep 21, 2010

Dear iHop

Dear iHop,

I have not been to your restaurant in a long time. Now I remember why.
As we were seated, it took exactly 15 minutes for a server to come out and ask us what we wanted to drink, and took another 10 minutes before it was brought out to us.
As we sat there waiting for the server to come by and take our order, the busboy came out of the back and began wiping down tables. He didn't seem to have a pleasant attitude, but then again, who wants to be at an iHop bussing tables.
When he got to the table next to us, he was pretty angry and was wiping the table very aggressively and knocking things around. That was when he smacked the coffee urn off the table, sending it into the air and crashing down on the top of my gramma's foot.
Gramma sent out a cry of pain (because she was wearing flip flop sandals of all days) and the busboy just looked at her. After saying something to him, he let out the weakest thing I've ever heard being played off as an apology.
When asked to speak to a manager, it took exactly 20 minutes AFTER we were done eating for her to grace us with her presence.
Oh! The food was horrible too. It was not hot at all and there were many subsitutions for things they didn't have, but never asked about.
Pity, pity.
The manager did offer a gift certificate to our next visit (which was a great gesture), but as you can probably get from this letter, we will never be visiting your establishment again. Our friends and family will also be hearing of our experience as well.



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