Sep 18, 2010


I got my promotion at work...FINALLY! Woohoo! Go me!
I'm very proud of myself because I worked from being the lowest person on the team, to being a supervisor on the weekend shifts.
The only bad thing about it is that I have to work Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, but it's more hours and I got a nice raise.
Praise the Lord!
He knows we are in need and he has come though with this awesome opportunity.

It feels great knowing that I'm going to be able to pay my bills...on time. It's nowhere near what I'd like to make so I could save money for a house, but it's just not our time yet.
I'm very thankful that Aaron is working the hours he is and that I have work.

With my new job, I'll now be running a 4 person team at the hospital.
I've already had some problems with a few of my co-workers, but we're looking at getting that straightened out.
I'm looking forward to the challenges and building a better department at the hospital.
I want to make sure we're needed for a long time!


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