Sep 30, 2010


I've been such a horrible blogger!
I've just been so busy running around and what-not.

I've had the past 3 days off of work, but not off of work from around the house...
Never-ending I tell ya!!

+Went to Target and bought some neccesseties.
+ Paid some bills
+ Went to mother-in-law's house to have lunch
+ Went grocery shopping.

OH! When I went grocery shopping, I found an awesome sale at a local grocery store. I ended up getting $210 worth of groceries for $98. I did have a $25 gift certificate there, but I still saved a lot of money!

I ended up finishing off my day laying on the couch all night watching TV until I passed out.

+ Got up early because I needed to get an oil change.
+ Went to the Monster Wash across town and got my vehicle detailed on the inside. They did a WONDERFUL job!!!!!!!! I'd kiss their feet if I weren't afraid of feet so much. They did just a great job, and the price was reasonable. I will definitely be spreading the word about them!
+ Went and did some more shopping. Needed new floor mats for the vehicle, some hair products and deoderant. I totally ran out 2 days ago. I've been scraping the stuff out of the very bottom of the stick. Ha!
+ Made a DELICIOUS dinner. I'll definitely have to share the recipe sometime. If you love pork chops, you have to try this. My mom wrote it down for me and it's so good I have to share!
+ Talked on the phone with a great friend. We caught up on a bunch of things. It was nice talking to him.

Now today, I plan on taking my mother-in-law to her doctor appointments. She hurt herself a few weeks ago and saw the doctor after 3 weeks of hurting. She ended up pulling a muscle and messing with the nerves in her shoulder. She's been pretty loopy on medicine. It's hilarious!!
After that, I'm friggin' free!!!
I do need to finish laundry, but that's a piece of cake.

What does everyone have planned for their weekend??
Anything exciting?
Come on people! I'm now having to live through you all since I work the weekend shift now. Tell me something exciting! Please?

Happy Thursday everyone!!!


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