Oct 26, 2010

30 Days of [Truth] Day One

Day 1: Something you hate about yourself.

Where do I start with this one. I have a lot about myself that I hate.
I've been working really hard on trying to better myself.
Little by little I'm slowly doing a personal makeover.
Both physically and mentally. So for this, I'm going to make a list of EVERYTHING I hate about myself...and what I'm doing to change it within the next year.

  • The fact that I can't get pregnant easily enough. I'm tired of waiting and testing and temping and charting. It's all so very frustrating. [I'm working on this by trying to consistently charting and taking it to a doctor next month.]
  • I'm overweight. I've been struggling with my weight for YEARS. I think it has something to do with an event that psychologically damaged me when I was younger (I might go into that on another post). [I'm currently going to gym and slowly losing weight. I'm hoping to get to my goal weight by next summer.]
  • I hate the fact that I never finished school. [I'm thinking about taking some online courses]
  • I'm afraid to let my true feelings show. 
  • I'm shy.
  • I have a temper.
  • I'm such a procrastinator.


Trudy said...

Boy...I am totally with you on the procrastinator part..and the overweight part too. I am working at the weight loss myself again. Good luck with that Nikke!

And good for you for your honesty here...I have found in my own life that until we can be brutally honest (and accepting) with ourselves and our faults/shortcomings, it's tough for change to come!

Have a blessed day!

Lin said...

Holy cow...you just described me! Well, except for the fact I have tried getting pregnant yet. Good luck with that, I'm sure once the pressure is off (or at least lower) you'll get pregnant in now time!

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