Oct 18, 2010

Getting a head start

I'm getting a head start on my New Year's Resolution.
Yes, I know, it's 3 months away, but guess what? I have a plan!

My plan is to trick my mind into thinking it's really not for a resolution because come on, 99% of us fail when we set a resolution.
My resolution for 2011 is to workout more and lose weight, and to quit smoking.
I started working out last week as well as quit smoking.
Hubs and Bro are in hell!!!!
Me working out and being sore on top of feening for nicotine! Ha!

In 3 days of working out, I have lost 4 pounds and I'm so happy! I've struggled with weight my whole life and I'm finally in a state of mind where I'm fed up and motivated.
I feel so much happier after working out. Like I'm finally accomplishing something for me!
I never do anything for myself.

I've been working out on the elliptical. It's by far my FAVORITE machine to work out on.
I do pre-programmed workouts where the resistance ranges from 1-8 automatically.
I love it because I burn a huge sweat. In my mind the sweater I am, the better workout I have.
I know I'm weird.
After the elliptical, I cool off with a 20 minute walk on the treadmill.
I plan on doing some light weights, but not until I get better on the elliptical and treadmill.

So my goal is to get to January with my weight loss goals and then the new resolution will be to maintain.
Wish me luck!

Oh and for you other people that work out, what are some good upbeat songs I can add to my playlist?
I'm running out of good songs to work out to.
It keeps me motivated!


Lisa said...

Good luck with your non-resolution resolutions! I'm pretty jealous, if I work out for 3 days I don't lose any weight :) Can't help much with the music, when I go I just listen to whatever Gold's has on!

Lin said...

I love this idea! Congrats on losing 4 lbs...that's fantastic & quiting smoking. Keep up the good work!

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