Oct 30, 2010

Halloween is my favorite holiday!

My brother and I absolutely LOVE Halloween.
We love scaring people, love the costumes, and of course...THE CANDY!
Growing up, we used to count down the days until Halloween where we could dress up and parade around town and collect all the goodies.
As we grew older, the costumes got better and it was more fun.
I only have one picture of a Halloween night where we were going to go trick or treating. It's one of my favorite pictures.
Yes folks...I was Superwoman and my brother was Slimer from Ghostbusters.
That was his favorite movie of course.
My mother hand made that costume just for him because she couldn't find one in the stores.
She's awesome like that!
 I believe that year we raked in the most candy we ever have and stayed up all night watching scary movies. 


CK said...

Love this!

Lin said...

Aww...so cute! I remember those old school masks. I had one that was a cabbage patch face & I remember thinking it was the coolest thing ever, lol.

tanya said...

Great pic! I think I had that same Superwoman costume! And I love the Ghostbusters, my eight year old recently discovered the movies. She is now a fan also. Thanks for sharing-

Sandy said...

Great pic! That Slimer costume is so cool!

Shell said...

That slimer is awesome!

Teresha@Marlie and Me said...

This took be waaaay back! Great costumes!

Shannon said...

Oh, I remember how our costumes used to have those plastic masks... you could hardly see out of those things!

Jessica said...

The plastic masks... I would never wear one but my brothers loved them!!!

Traci said...

Oh Wonder Woman! I love her! BTW--noticed you're quitting smoking--way to go! Stay strong. It's been nearly 17 years since I quit, so it can be done :)

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