Oct 9, 2010

I'm going insane!

...at work that is.
I don't know how much I can take of certain co-worker. Her attitude is just horrible!
I actually had to write her up today because she had the nerve to text my work cell phone and cuss me out.
Like I'm not going to save it and show our boss or something.
She's freakin' delusional.
Then she turns it on you like it's your fault.
She was saying stuff under her breath about me being bipolar and how much of a bitch I am.
She's just mad because I don't let her get away with anything.
She's been making her own schedule. She's scheduled for our 9am to 7pm shift, but she comes in around 815am and leaves around 640pm or whenever she feels like it. Sometimes she doesn't even come in until noon!
I've talked to my boss numerous times, but they won't fire her until we get a replacement. I'd much rather bust my ass at work and be short handed then have to deal with her attitude at work. I can almost guarantee that I'd be fired on the spot if I acted that way at work.
We'll see how the rest of the week goes.
I'm hoping by me writing her up and not taking her crap will make her quit on her own.


Lisa said...

Don't you love it when your coworkers can make their own schedules?? We have one like that, and it makes my eyelid twitchy. Hope she quits soon, for your sanity's sake!

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