Oct 4, 2010


I have had the week from hell!!!!
Let me tell ya, some things are going to have to change at work, or I'm going to walk. This crap is getting ridiculous.

It started by my boss accepting another contract in the hospital that we don't have the staff for. Instead, he's shorting my department to fullfill another when he knew he didn't have the staff.
Now I'm stuck at work by myself, going on all the pages and dealing with heavy patients all on my own.
And to top things off, I'm sick!!!

There's also this punk guy that works on nights and he thinks he runs the shots. He refuses to do half the job he's supposed to do at night and it's getting old.
He's old enough to know what his job is and what needs to be done at night, and if he can't fullfill those duties...BYE!
I'm so tired and fed up with all of these people that think they can come to work, sit on their ass, and collect a paycheck while I'm busting my ass.

I can't wait to clock off at 7pm tonight.


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