Oct 23, 2010

Weekly Rambles

It's been a few weeks from hell, but I'm still kicking.
This week I have:
  • Worked over a million 64 hours
  • Dealt with a bunch of crap from co-workers (example: people calling in, people coming in to work only to leave a few hours because they insist on making appointments on the days they work when they have 2-3 days off during the week, disappearing people, and the lovely people with attitudes that don't think they need to work)
  • Patients from HELL. 
  • Driving Miss Daisy Gramma around to run all of her errands. Instead of knocking everything out in 1 day, she insisted we break it up so all 2.5 days off I had were spent driving her around.
  • Trying to organize my trashy place of an apartment. I really need to organize and find a permanent home for everything.
  • I'm keeping up on my diet and exercise and I'm really proud of myself. I haven't weighed myself in a few days, but I have a total weight loss of 4 pounds in one week. Go me!
  • I've been having horrendous ovary pains on the left side. Just what I need right now.
Starting Monday I'm going to partake in the 30 days of truth blogging challenge. I'm hoping I can revamp my blog and find out exactly where I wanna go with it.
I'm kind of all over the place with it.
I'm happy about it, but I want more structure in my life.
I think I'm adding that to my New Year's non-Resolution list....

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I will be working 12-16 hour shifts the whole weekend.
What are your plans?
Hope it's something great! I need to live through all you lovely Blogarinos until I hit the lottery and can quit my job and do whatever I want!


Lisa said...

Wish I could help, but I'm working this weekend too! I guess you won't get to live through me :(

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