Nov 17, 2010

10 reasons I don't drink coffee

  1. Heartburn
  2. Funny taste after mouth
  3. Expensive habit (because I don't have time to make coffee before work)
  4. Too much caffeine
  5. Makes my heart skip (which makes me have panic attacks)
  6. Jittery feeling all day
  7. Filmy teeth
  8. I hate really hot drinks
  9. Makes me drink too much sugar
  10. Did I mention it makes my heart skip?
With all these horrible things, you would wonder why I STILL drink coffee.

Are you a coffee drinker?
What's your favorite coffee?
If you don't drink coffee, what are you're reasons?


Anonymous said...

I for whatever reason, am a teeth person. I can't stand the idea of my teeth not being the pretty whites they are, so I do not drink coffee... but I love coffee cake! ;)

Lisa said...

I just started drinking coffee occasionally last year. Caffeine has no noticeable effect on me, so I never really "needed" it...just found some that I kind of liked (Jamaican Blue Mountain...pure awesome) and went from there. Of course, cinnamon bun coffee creamer helps ;)

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