Nov 13, 2010

30 Days of [Truth] Day Twenty-Seven - Twenty-Nine

Day 27: What’s the best thing going for you right now?
Right now, my relationship with Aaron.
If it weren't for him, I don't know where I would be.
I have a great relationship with my husband, I have a decent job that allows me to pay my bills, and living life.

Day 28: What if you were pregnant or got someone pregnant, what would you do?
If I were pregnant, I would be the HAPPIEST woman alive. Dealing with infertility has taken a toll on my soul and is a major part of my depression. My day will come. I just have to have faith.

Day 29: Something you hope to change about yourself. And why.
I want to lose weight.
Not only lose weight, but live a healthy lifestyle.
I want to quit smoking, quit eating foods horrible for me, and get to a healthy weight.
I'm working on it for a few weeks and I know it's going to take time.


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