Nov 16, 2010

Boy! I sure was in denial!

I've completely embraced the whole new healthy lifestyle I'm leading.
I'm feeling happier, I have more energy, my stress is reducing, and I even think I'm less bitchier!

I decided I was going to do something I've never done before.
I took my measurements.
I was in such denial.
I had no idea at all. I was thinking completely different numbers. 

I did my right and left thigh, my right and left bicep, my bust, my waist, and my hips.
Let me tell you...I sat on the bench in the locker room and cried.
I have been living in such denial as the weight kept piling on and on and on until I couldn't fit into my biggest pair of fat jeans I had.
I didn't know I had that many inches.

I'm not going to share just yet...I might down the road.
I'm excited about losing some inches right now.
So far, weight loss is 6lbs and inches is 2.

I will conquer my horrible lifestyle and be healthy!


Lin said...

I'm right there with you girl! I've been making excuses for my fattiness for the last year & the worst part is that I'm getting used to the fat now...which is not a good thing. To be completely honest, I'm still in denial but I'm getting to the point where I need to stop it before it's too much weight. I'm glad your doing something about it instead of sitting on the couch with a bag of chips to help you deal with it. Congrats on accepting the truth, doing something to change it & already losing 6 lbs!! Keep up the good work :)

Trudy said...

Good for you Nikke...yeah, it's tough to come clean with all of that, but when you're ready, it really is freeing. I will send a link to my friend Amanda's blog. She does a weekly weight loss meme that I just started last week, you should really join in.

I'll be praying for you sweetie. I know how tough it can be!


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