Nov 23, 2010

In overdrive

I'm in total overdrive.
After putting in another 16 hours of overtime this week, I haven't time to do crap! Literally...

Now my last "weekend" (I have Tues-Thurs off) is going to be busy with shopping for Thanksgiving dinner. On top of that, I need to start getting things ready for my vacation!
I can't wait to not have to be obligated to please anyone. I'm going to have 9 days of wonderful bliss where I can visit with family and go on a bunch of trips with my husband.
We deserve this vacation!

I just wish my last "weekend" wasn't before a holiday.
I will be cooking for 17 people at hubby's uncle's house. He's going through a divorce and has been really depressed, so he was elated when we asked if he wanted to spend Thanksgiving with us. It turned in to the WHOLE family showing up. So it's gonna be fun...maybe. This part of the family tend to not like me, with the exception of maybe 4 out of 30. Ha!

So what are your Thanksgiving plans?
Having any family over or having a quiet night?
If I don't return after Thanksgiving, call in the SWAT team.
I may be killed...


Heather said...

Make a special dinner for the 4 plus your family and spit in the rest of the food! Okay, bad idea, but think about doing it and giggle!

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