Nov 14, 2010

Sunday Praise and Prayer [Edition 26]

So be very careful to love the LORD your God.
Joshua 23:11 (NIV)

  • I was able to visit with my nephew this past week. It was wonderful to have him around!
  • One of my favorite patients has finally been discharged from the hospital after being here for 5 months. Started in ICU and was finally discharged after hitting almost every unit. 
  • We have 5 new employees starting on Monday. Praise Jesus! I'm tired of working all this overtime (although the extra money is nice).

  • My dear friend Trudy needs some prayer. You can read her blog post. She needs our prayers more than ever right now!
  • D* is having some trouble in her relationship.
  • R* is having trouble in her relationship.
  • My sister, J, needs some guidance in her life. She's getting really bad.
  • My brother, Joe, needs to find work. He's put in so many applications. No call backs.
  • Mother-in-law. She's been trying to get everything situated with doctor appointments.
  • Carrie on her next cycle.
  • Any infertile out there currently trying.


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