Nov 18, 2010

Why I'm burned out

If you're a follower of me on Twitter...or even Facebook, you'll know that I've been working so maaaaaaad overtime.
I'm always at work.
Why am I always at work?
Because my boss doesn't let me or the other supervisor have any say so on who comes into the hospital to work on our team. He has no idea everything we do and doesn't tell applicants the proper information.
So by the time they get to the hospital and find out ALL the stuff we do, they aren't up for it.
It's like no one wants to work for their money anymore.
They think they can just sit around, do a few things and expect to get paid the big bucks because they are working in a hospital.
Sorry dudes, it doesn't work that way!!!

So back to why I'm burned out....
  • Working 12-15 hour days.
  • Working six days a week.
  • Being completely short-handed and doing 100 pages a day.
  • Putting up with the office changing my schedule on a whim...without even calling me
  • My boss telling me...and I quote..."You should be available more because you don't have any children." Bullshit.
  • Training complete morons for two weeks straight.
  • Working extra hard training the morons for two weeks straight and have them quit and have to start all over with new people when they get hired.
We just had five people start on Monday with orientation, fit testing, computer training, and immunizations. I won't work with them until Friday, so we'll see how they do. My boss said he only expects two to stay out of the five...I know, he's an idiot.
Quit wasting my fucking time.
I'm almost done...

This message brought to you by Prompt #1 for Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop.


Lin said...

Holy cow, you ARE busy. I thought I was busy because I worked 10hrs/4days a week but you totally won.

Also, not only is your boss a moron but he's a d*ck for even uttering the words "You should be available more because you don't have any children"...what kind of crap is that?

Lisa said...

Woah...and I thought my job sucked because I've already got 34 hours of OT for November! I'm sorry your boss is a shithead!

MartyrMom said...

Ha! that's why I quit and now I just play tennis!!

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