Dec 22, 2010

Lunar Eclipse 2010

Last night was pretty awesome.
My "hood" got together outside and watched the lunar eclipse.
It was pretty amazing.

Growing up, my Grampa got me into the sky, moon, and stars. He did a lot of engineering on space crafts and airplanes, so it's a great passion of mine.
Somewhere along the way I lost it, but when I visited him last week, he reminded me about my childhood and why I loved the sky.
So I documented the ENTIRE 72 minutes of the eclipse on my camera.
I'm still learning my camera and the different settings. It has a million different settings on it and I'm still learning about the F-setting, aperture, and the different kinds of flash.
Now I know for next time!

So did you stay awake to watch?


Chelle (hanwayink) said...

great pics!

Jen said...

Great pics! It was snowing and cloudy so I could not see it here in Massachusetts.

Windsor Grace said...

I'm really impressed at your documentation. I decided to sleep through it because I'm lazy (and I have a cold or the flu, too early to tell)

Lisa said...

I was up, but we had too many clouds to watch :( Great pics!

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