Dec 17, 2010

Vacation [Day 1]

Our first day of vacation was mostly spent flying.
We had to make 2 stops before reaching Ohio.
We went from:
  • Anchorage to Seattle
  • Seattle to Salt Lake City
  • Salt Lake City to Cincinnati
It was pure hell!!!!
We had so much turbulence in every flight (which freaks me out) and every plan had a screaming and crying baby on it....right behind our seats.
I had a migraine by the time we touched down in Seattle.
Aaron waiting around in Ted Steven's International Airport (Anchorage)

Me goofing off with the camera while waiting for our flight.

We left at 12:30am AKST on Wednesday and arrived at 3:30pm EST so we had been traveling for 11 hours.
We got our rental car which was BEAUTIFUL!
A 2010 Dodge Charger.
It was a beast of a car.
Aaron noticed the front end was shimmying and started freaking out. I asked him how fast he was going and he laughed. He was going 110 MPH!!!
After that, he stayed pretty conscious about how fast he was going.
It didn't feel like we were going 110 MPH. When we went 60, it felt like it was 35.

After we left the airport, we went around the corner and Aaron saw the most beautiful sight he had ever seen.

He hasn't seen a big city. He's born and raised in Anchorage.
He was shocked. His reaction: "Whoa!! We're in Cincinnati??"
I told him technically we're still in Kentucky (for some reason the Cincinnati Airport is in Kentucky).
He thought I was crazy until he saw this:

We ended up getting lost because they decided to remove a bunch of the freeways and relocate them elsewhere in the eight years that I was away.
We finally got on the right track and drove the hour to my Grampa's house.
When we arrived, Grampa had stew waiting for us...and a beer!
We gobbled up the stew and drank a beer with our meal and Aaron was out like a light.
I stayed up and had a few more beers with my Grampa while we caught up on life.
It was a great night. We both didn't want to go to bed because it had been so long since we saw each other, but we forced ourselves to bed by 2am.
He had moved while I was away, but he had the exact same things in his house and it smelled the same.
I don't think I slept so good since the day I left his house!


Lisa said...

Glad your trip went well! Also glad to know that the 2010 charger is a fun car, we're thinking about getting a new car for my husband next year and that's one of the contenders!

Lisa said...

...and by well I guess I should specify that you got there in one piece, not that you had turbulence/angry baby plane drama!

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