Dec 23, 2010

Vacation [Day 2]

After going to bed at 2am the night before, I was really surprised I was wide awake at 8am.
Grampa had some coffee brewing and my favorite coffee creamer.
Aaron was up and showered and was amazed at the wildlife that was outside of my Grampa's house.
The birds that were flying around and landing on the porch to eat just amazed him.
We have ravens and seagulls mostly in Anchorage, so when he saw a blue jay and cardinal, he was out there taking pictures of them!

After taking a bunch of pictures, we decided to go a few towns over to go to the grocery store and pick up a few things.
That was when Aaron got to see some farm land and some big barns.

He was in awe the whole time. It was kind of funny.
We looked even more weird when we went into the store and was shocked with the prices of their produce!

Here, you can't get a green pepper for less than $2 EACH.
Everyone looked at us funny as we were in the store freaking out about how cheap things were. They thought the prices were really expensive. We told them they have it because it was almost free compared to prices in Alaska!

After we were done shopping, Aaron and I drove around a few small towns acting like tourists.
It was nothing major.
Mostly farm town with old barns and the occasional cow and cemetery.

It was such a peaceful time out there. I absolutely loved driving around.
When we got back to my Grampa's house, I made dinner while my Grampa and Aaron conversed over a few beers. They got to talking about guns and what kind of guns they liked. That's like talking my Grampa's own language! He absolutely loves guns.
That's when my Grampa pulled out all of his guns to show Aaron. Needless to say, Aaron was pretty much speechless.

Nothing like getting a bunch of guns out when you're drinking. Ha!
Thank goodness they weren't loaded!

After looking through all of m photos, I noticed one particular photo.
Now my Grampa loved Aaron. They got along and they have a lot in common.
I saw one particular photo and it was hilarious.

My Grampa's face is HILARIOUS in this photo and I don't think Aaron realized it.
It looks like he's going to shoot off his face!

It was by far a great night!


Marla said...

Yes, it does look as if your Grandpa is going to shoot your hubby's head off. Lol!

Love seeing the pics. My husband's from Ohio, and it's been quite a few years since he's visited his hometown.

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