Jan 3, 2011

A F)*&@in' Rant

It's official...
I can't stand my fucking job.
I used to like it, I still do, it's just....UGH!!!!!!
I should probably rephrase it to:
I can't stand the fucking people I work with!

Since I've been back from vacation, it has been excuse after excuse after excuse with these people.
My boss is doing the shitiest (is that even a word? Well I'm making it one!) job at scheduling.
She's scheduling 7 people during the week and gives me 1 person on the weekends.
That means when we're busy, or even a sit...I'M BY MYSELF LIFTING HEAVY ASS PEOPLE.
I'm going to end up breaking my back.
When I need help, I call the boss and they try to call someone in, but no one wants to help me on the weekends.
They come up with piss poor excuses.
For example, this one lady says she's taking her son to the ER EVERY WEEKEND!! But she's stupid enough to have me on Facebook and says she's around town farting around.
Another excuse: Oh, my husband doesn't feel like watching my kid. Rain check!
And this is coming from people who tell me to call them if I'm short handed and they WILL come in to work with me.
Give me a fucking break.
I call the office and I'm brushed off.
They don't want to hear it.
They just want me to make sure I'm doing EVERYTHING so we don't lose the contract at the hospital.
Well I'm done.
Fucking done.
They can kiss my ass.
I'm not even allowed to write up anyone. I'm a supervisor, but I'm not allowed to send people home, can't tell my boss to fire anyone, I'm pretty much here to babysit all of these immature assholes and do most of the work on the weekends.
I'm the only one working four 12-hour shifts. I get a stomach bug and I'm not allowed to call in unless I want to be threatened with having a job the next day, but all of these other people can call in whenever they want.
I'm going to talk to my boss tomorrow...after I get done calling out of work.
He's GOING to talk to me and he's GOING to listen to what I have to say.

Happy fuckin' New Year Nikke!


Lin said...

Wow...you sure are p*ssed! And I would be too. What they're doing is pretty crappy & definitely not fair.

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