Jan 22, 2011

Female Drama-Llama

I can’t believe how people can be so two-faced. They are nice to you when they are face to face with you, but when it comes to talking behind your back, it’s a free for all!
That’s what I deal with at work and for of course it’s with all of the females.
I don’t know what females’ problems are that they have to always try to out-do each other in everything.
Women can be catty, even down right nasty to each other.
Why is that?

I guess I’m more of a tomboy than I thought.
I can’t stand the whole backstabbing, talking shit behind someone’s back, or anything like that. To me, it’s a waste of time.
What’s even a bigger waste of time is that the women are all on the same team!
We are at work to do our job. Not to out-do each other.
I have one girl that thinks she’s the supervisor and tries to boss everyone around.
Another girl that gathers up all the gossip she can hear then tells other people after she twists the words around a bit.
Another one just lies to all the others period. She doesn’t care if she gets caught or not.
I just can’t it anymore!!!

What happened to teaming up together to accomplish a common goal.
Somehow that got lost.
It’s not just at my place of employment, but I see it everywhere. I see it in a lot of women’s relationships.
What happened that we think we all have to compete against each other?

Not one person is better than another.
We all have our flaws and we all have our exceptions.
What happened to respect? Or dignity?

Do these women not care what they look like to others? Not that you should care what others think about you, but rather the impression you make when you make yourself look like a fool with your childish behavior.

Now I’m not saying “all women” act this way, so don’t send me any hate mail. It’s just the majority.
I think we need to take a step back and learn to respect ourselves and be proud of ourselves for what we can do and what we know and help other women to accomplish the same.
When you see someone down, pick them up.
It’s amazing what a simple smile can do to someone’s crappy day, or lending a listening ear to a stranger that looks like they are having a rough time.

Now I will admit that I used to be one of those women. I used to knock people down all of the time. If I saw someone doing something, I would try to out-do them and boast about it.
It took a strong reality check for me to see my ways.
How could I have been so cruel and disrespectful?

I try to teach others along the way. I’m not perfect and I in no way judge others, but when I try to help other women (the one’s at work particularly) I get knocked down and rumors start flying, words being put in my mouth, and downright lies.
But you know what?
I don’t let it get me down or derail me from making myself a bigger person and not feeding into the energy. I continue to be me and do what I do.
My life is a lot easier and I’m a lot happier.


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