Jan 19, 2011

Lessons learned

This past week has been horrendous.
Absolutely horrendous.
It all started last Tuesday when my co-supervisor called me and told me that our boss at the hospital was pissed because he got three complaints about me over the weekend.
The complaints stated that I ignored seven pages from a particular unit.
I would never IGNORE seven pages!
I think the nurses were pissed off at me because I was the only one on the floor to cover the ENTIRE hospital when it came to transporting patients. I was stuck in the Intensive Care Unit pretty much all day because it was maxed out. There were a lot of patients that I had to deal with and I even called the units and said I was the only one on the floor, so I would not be able to do all the pages.
The nurses seemed okay with that.
Well this one particular nurse on our Medical/Oncology unit for some reason hates me. She makes my life a living hell when she's working.
I guess she paged to take a patient to another floor for a procedure, and I was unable to get to it for almost 20 minutes, so she got mad and took the patient herself. Big deal.
When the patient was finished with the procedure, I was paged and I ran to get the patient and take them back to the unit.
I walked to the nurses' station and informed this nurse and she BLEW.UP.ON.ME!
In front of everyone.
She was screaming at me for being lazy and ignoring my pager.
I just looked at her and to be nice, I apologized and reminded her I wasn't ignoring my pager, I was the only one on the floor to deal with the ENTIRE HOSPITAL!
She then called me a lazy bitch, so I just walked away.
If I didn't walk away, I was going to do something I would regret...and probably lose my job over.

So I had a meeting with my boss on the Friday that I went back to work.
I explained to him that I was the only one on the floor and I couldn't answer every page.
I then told him that no one would come in and help, so I had to do what I could do.
He then said he needed to talk to me about something I posted on Facebook.
How the hell did he see my Facebook???!!???

He told me that someone printed out a status I had written on Facebook and gave it to him and told him that he needed to talk to me about because they were concerned.
He said the status had my picture, my name, and something talking about a crack head pregnant girl that was a sister, brother's girlfriend, or such.
I don't recall writing anything such as that on Facebook...Twitter, yes.
Anyway, I told him that what I write on my Facebook is private...at least to the people I don't have added.
I have my Facebook on lock down. No one can see anything unless I add them. I don't even have my work place on there.
He said that he could fire me for what I wrote, but would give me a break since I wasn't doing anything illegal in the status, I just wrote about something illegal.
I was pissed at this point.
Who the FUCK would print something out and show it to my boss to get me fired???

Well after the meeting, I went straight to my laptop (because I take it to work with me) and got on Facebook and deleted the few people I had added on my Facebook from the hospital.
Fuck them.
I don't have time to play this childish shit.
So needless to say, I've learned my lesson.

Don't try to make friends at work and add them to Facebook, because when they get pissed off at you for being too busy to get to their call, they will find SOMETHING to get you for and try to have you fired.

P.S. I went through the statuses on my Facebook all the way back to October 1, 2010 and I couldn't find anything about a crackhead, someone being pregnant, or anything incriminating on my Facebook that I could get fired for.
I think someone photoshoped something together...


Admin said...

wow that's sooo horrible. I'm so sorry.

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