Jan 20, 2011


I've been keeping myself busy, so I'll be typing with BULLETS!!!
  • I've been enjoying my three days off.
  • I got to visit a co-worker that I became friends with. She's been on maternity leave so I went over and got to see her beautiful baby and cooked dinner for her older child. I had a blast!
  • I've been staying crafty. Been working on a necklace and earrings.
  • Went shopping for some crafty stuff. Got a bunch of things for under $20. Score!
  • Finally got Breez-E's (my iguana) home set up. Bought the last of decorations, got a new bulb, and more heating pads. He's loving it!
  • I cooked a dinner that I've never tried before and it was delish! (I'll make a blog post with pictures later)
  • I get to go to my father-in-law's shop and make a few things since he has a plasma cutter and lots of metal running around. It's going to be fun! 
  • I finally got ALL of my laundry done. 
  • I started organizing my apartment. I'm a little slow, but it's getting done! 
  • I finally got my niece's pictures printed. I just need to buy a manilla envelope and stick them in the mail.
How has your week been going?
Anything thing exciting?
What small thing have you accomplished that you're happy to have gotten done?


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