Feb 15, 2011

Bunch of Randomness

In bullet form!!
  • I got my stitches out! It was about time. They were really hurting me. I was working a lot in the ICU on Saturday and asked one of the RNs to take them out for me. One was really excited because I'm such a smart-ass at work and strong, that he wanted to take any opportunity he could get to make me squirm in pain. The last two stitches hurt!
  • My mouth feels incredible now that my gums are starting heal from having my huge wisdom teeth ripped out (pic to come in my Project 365 post). I'm now able to eat crunchy things and I'm loving it!
  • Shit is going to hit the fan AGAIN at work when we have our meeting on Friday. Things are getting out of control and I'm completely fed up with it. I was made a supervisor, yet my boss then turns around and vetoes every decision I make which makes me look like a total douchebag to my crew. They don't take me seriously and can think they can get away with EVERY THING.
  • I'm going to be spending my week fixing a co-worker's laptop. She brought it to work with her and gave me everything she owns so I can somehow make it work again. Let me tell you...it's a hot mess! I don't know how she managed to screw up her computer so bad, but it's probably going to take awhile to fix. I should have it done by Wednesday night and have it back to her before I go to work. 
  • I have Dish Network. I'm not thrilled about it, but they gave me Starz and Encore free of charge for a year! I never subscribe to movie channels because I think they are a waste of money since they play the same movies 100 times a month, but you can't beat free! I've been on a movie recording frenzy since I'm never home. I plan on catching up on what I've recorded on my days off. 
  • Breez-E seems to be doing better. He got all spastic the other night and started whipping the cage over and over and over. He ended up breaking half of his tail off! After cleaning it and stopping the bleeding, he slept for awhile, but is now back and at it again. He's getting more tame. That makes me happy.
  • I'm going to see my nephew later on this afternoon. I wish his mom would let him stay the night with me, but alas, she's being stubborn and will only let me see him long enough for her mom to take the dogs to the vet. I'll take whatever I can get!
  • Hubby is getting steady work now. He works 45+ hours a week and that makes me happy. I'm trying to pay off our only credit card and I want to do it fast!
  • I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day! I did! Hubby got me the Eclipse movie that I've been wanting (closet Twilight fan. Team Edward!) and some chocolates with the sweetest cards. He knows I'm not into the mushy stuff and he's okay with it. 
How is your week starting off? Hope it's not TOO horrible!
Until next time Blogarinos =]


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