Feb 1, 2011

Random Tuesday [Tooth pain & more Breez-E pics]

I have been fighting the worst tooth pain I have ever experienced!
It started last Wednesday when I woke up from a deep sleep in agonizing pain. I had a funny taste in my mouth and my worst fear had surfaced...I had an infected wisdom tooth.
I had gone through some similar pain on the bottom right side of my jaw, saw a dentist and she yanked out the infected tooth.
Well now it's my right upper wisdom tooth.
I know I've needed to get them pulled, but I was waiting for my dental insurance to kick in, then work got crazy and it was just hard to find a day off let alone 2 or 3 to recuperate.
Well I finally got a hold of a dentist and my appointment is on Thursday.
He's going to do a full exam with x-rays so I can get that submitted to my insurance company and hopefully have them ALL yanked out the following week.
Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

On a lighter note, I took Breez-E out of his home earlier and threw his leash on him so he could run around the house.
He had a blast!!
The first time we put the leash on him, we didn't tighten it all the way and he got loose for about 15 minutes before we were able to locate him, then catch him.
I took some pics of him on the floor.

So here is Breez-E's perspective:

This was the first time he's ever been able to roam so he didn't know what to do.

He shares the same passion for Monopoly as I do.

Showing off his leash.

Just got done eating a treat. Just like a kid with food on his face. =]

Happy Tuesday everyone!


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