Mar 25, 2011

Moose on the loose!

I got home from running errands the other day and I went to open the blinds on my back sliding door. That's when I saw them.
Not one, not two...not even three, but FOUR moose running around my neighborhood munching on the bare bushes!!!
I absolutely LOVE moose.
They are such big and beautiful creatures.

After shooting these beautiful creatures, they walked a little ways down the street and started munching on more bushes and some small trees.
I spotted a guy walk out of his apartment and he was texting on his phone and not paying attention. He almost ran into the moose!
I was lucky enough to get pictures of him running off.
He ended up looking up towards me because he probably heard me laughing so hard. Ha!!

Never a dull moment in the 'hood!
Happy Friday Blogarinos!


Lisa said...

They sure don't seem scared of people! Beautiful creatures :)

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