Mar 8, 2011

Random Tuesday

In bullets!!
  • I'm currently working day five. 12 hour shifts. I have three more days. 
  • I'm running on empty.
  • There is death all over the hospital. It takes a toll on my heart and mind. I know it's a part of my job, but I don't think anyone can get over death. Especially eight in less than a week. 
  • The worst thing about a death at the hospital is telling the family and having them crumble in your arms and ask why. 
  • Things at work are getting bad again. Everyone is calling in all the time, late, or they aren't scheduling enough bodies. They need to give me the duty of scheduling. The office has no idea what goes on at the hospital and how many people I actually do need in a day to do all of the tasks we are supposed to do. 
  • I have so much crap I need to get done around my house. It's all overwhelming. I need to take some pictures of a few items that I'm going to try to sell on Craigslist. Hopefully I can get them sold.
  • Poppy has an appointment tomorrow. It's his pre-op appointment. He has to have a biopsy of his bladder done as well as some major stones removed. 
  • Gramma is doing better. She's walking around the house again with the aide of a walker. It's taking her forever to get over this pneumonia. 
  • I love my job, but I don't know how much shit I can take. I'm seriously on the edge. I have been for weeks now. 
  • We're gaining sunlight in Alaska finally!!!!! We're gaining an average of 6 minutes a day which makes me really happy because it's still light when I get off work at 7:00pm and it's beginning to get light when I leave at 6:40am. FINALLY!!!
I hope everyone has a great work week. Can't wait for the weekend!
Happy Tuesday Blogarinos =]


Lisa said...

I admire your work stamina-there's no way I could work that many 12's in a row! Also, I would've killed someone by now if they kept up the call-in bullshit. Not to mention I don't do death...yeah, I couldn't do your job!

Lin said...

Wow...I would have given up after the second 12 hr day, haha. I cant even imagine what it's like having to tell someone their loved one passed away, I can see how that can take a toll on you.

Hope things better at work. Also, I think it's so cute that you're super excited about gaining 6 minutes of sunlight. Working all those hours and living in deserve an award :)

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