Mar 12, 2011

Six Word Saturday [Three-fer]

Officially on the TTC bandwagon again!

After a much needed break due to stress and having my wisdom teeth pulled and stitches and taking antibiotics and pain killers, Hubster and I are on the TTC (trying to conceive) bandwagon again. 
I'm just waiting for this cycle to start. 
I have my thermometer, OPKs, vitamins, and diet all aligned. 
Now I'm playing the waiting game.
The story of my life!


I finally have a weekend off!

The weekday supervisor is on a two week vacation, so I was promoted to weekdays until she comes back. 
I haven't had a weekend off in AGES! 
I definitely plan on taking full advantage of this.


Today is surgery day for Poppy!

Poppy will be having surgery in the morning to remove bladder stones and to take out some tumors that may be low-grade cancer. Send your prayers!

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sdlt said...

Good luck with the TTC - remember to relax.

Kathe W. said...

good luck- relax and try not to obsess...I've been there!

Karen S. said...

All very great six word posts! Great work!

Call Me Cate said...

Best wishes to Poppy and to you and your husband. And enjoy the weekend off!

Thanks for playing 6WS!

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