Mar 26, 2011

Six Word Saturday

I need some time to myself!

This month has just been too much for me. It's doctor appointment after doctor appointment, after doctor appointment with the grandparents.
I finally have Poppy squared away until summer with his appointments after his last upcoming one on Monday.
Gramma on the other hand is driving me insane!!!!
She thinks every little thing is wrong with her and has to visit all of her doctors and let them know what she's doing with another doctor and getting more tests done and re-making appointments to catch up all of her other doctors.
It's just getting too insane!
Hopefully this upcoming appointment on Monday with her as well is the last in awhile.
I'm getting burnt out with all this working and dealing with all of their appointments on my days off.

So now I'm back to work for the weekend. So while I'm at work, tell me your plans for your weekend so I have some happy things to read while I'm busting my ass at work!

Happy Saturday Blogarinos!

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Lisa said... plans are about the same as yours. I'm working this weekend (and last weekend...and next weekend....). But, hopefully tomorrow the husband and I will go out for lunch at PF Chang's and get the other half of my new swimsuit (the store by us only had the top half in my size)!

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