Apr 22, 2011


This past weekend has been great!
I've needed this for a really long time.
Friday afternoon, I went to the Valley and picked up my nephew from his mom's house. She gave birth to a baby this weekend, so we took nephew so she could focus on that.
He forced me to go through the car wash (one of his favorite activities) and we went to the store so he could pick out a toy.
Saturday, I took him to Bouncing Bears which is a huge room full of inflatable fun! Nephew had a blast and I had so much fun hanging out with him.

I was able to wear him out for a bit, so he took a great nap afterwards!
While he napped, Hubster, Brother and I got ready for a birthday BBQ. Hubster's aunt, uncle, cousin, and his little cousin came over and hung out for the entire afternoon and evening. We had a lot of fun! I was happy to have them there.

Nephew & Brother
Hubster's Uncle and Aunt

 Hubster's cousin & my brother

Hubster, Cousin, & little cousin who happened to be dancing in the back of our truck when I took this picture. Ha!
Nephew getting sleepy!
Little cousin cheesin'!

On Sunday, I had to take the nephew back to the Valley so he could meet his new sister. He was taken aback, but was so excited! It was adorable.
I stopped off and saw my sister and niece. We hung out for a little bit where I had a blast with my niece. She's growing so big!

So I would say that my weekend was fantastic!
I'm thankful for my family!!
The ones that talk to me anyway...
Hoping for another great weekend!

Happy Friday Blogarinos!!!


Steph @ Thoughts From Cali said...

How fun! I have not spent much time with my family in a while and I am really missing it.

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