Apr 12, 2011

Random Tuesday

  • I have physical therapy later this morning. My PT is kicking my ass. 
  • Gramma had her appointment with the breast surgeon yesterday afternoon. They made her sit there for a hour and a half before the doctor would even see her, which pisses me off to no end! Then she calls her back there and tells her all that waiting was for nothing because none of her information was faxed over from her lung specialist. Fucking idiots! 
  • I find myself getting more and more angry. Little things are starting to piss me off. I'm snapping at little things and that's not me. I hate being angry so much! 
  • More pregnancy announcements on Facebook. Oh the joy! Not!!! I'm getting tired of them. 
  • My birthday is in six days. I hate birthdays. I never celebrate them because they are too depressing.
That's all I have for now.
I'm just in a funk Blogarinos.


Steph @ Thoughts From Cali said...

totally understandable. I have been in a funk lately to.

Lisa said...

This is a bit late, but ::hug::

thepsychobabble said...

Funks are the pits. I hope yours clears off soon:(

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