Apr 16, 2011

Six Word Saturday

Physical therapy is kicking my ass!

I've been in physical therapy for two weeks now and it's really kicking my ass. 
I do have partial mobility in my knee. I can now bend it at a 90 degree angle, but my extension still needs some work. 
I've noticed that my ankle is hurting even more and it's swelling on the side. This is bothering me because I'm afraid I did something to my ankle as well. 
Why did the patient have to kick MY ass????
Why couldn't he just sit down like he was supposed to????

This message brought to you by Six Word Saturday


Karen S. said...

Oooops, I hear this all the time at work...you are right on!

Susan in SC said...

Sorry about your knee and ankle. Hope you feel better soon. Visiting from 6WS.

Linda said...

Not fun! Get better soon.

Jessica Hanson said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Jessica, visiting from 6WS

Self Sagacity said...

Not sure, but it doesn't sound easy. So keep up the good work, and hope it gets better for you.
If you have time on Thursdays, come and play Thursday Two Questions Meme

Call Me Cate said...

I'm sorry you're struggling with this but I'm glad you're getting help for it. Hopefully you'll be good as new before long!

Thanks for playing 6WS!

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