May 30, 2011

Friend Making Monday [Edition 1]

This is my first post for Friend Making be gentle. Ha!
Found on All The Weigh's blog.

ABC's of Me

A) Anchorage, Alaska - Look at that! Two A's. This is where I live.

B) Bi-lingual

C) My life is so crazy!

D) I hate driving. I never got into it. Hubster hates that I hate driving because whenever we go somewhere, I make him do it.

E) I'm getting into exercising. It's fun for me! For now...

F) Football fanatic! Green Bay Packer fan for 22 years.

G) Great friend.

H) Hardworking.

I) iPhone addict

J) Just being me

K) Kill 'em with kindness is my motto

L) Law & Order: SVU addict

M) Suffered a late miscarriage.

N) My niece and nephew are my world.


P) I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)

Q) Queen bee in my house. Hubster likes it that way.

R) I treat everyone with respect. You give respect you get respect.

S) School-bound

T) Trying to conceive.

U) I'm a very understand person. I have probably the easiest personality to get along with.

V)  I'm a voluptuous woman

W) Giving into weaknesses is my weakness.

X) Xenophobic. I hate being around strangers. I've never been one to be the life of a party with people I don't know. I'm usually really quiet with people I don't know.

Y) In search of the fountain of youth.

Z) I feel like I live in a zoo sometimes.

May 27, 2011

Meeting of the cousins

Since I'm feeling a little better and it's getting easier to drive, I thought it would be a great time to go out to the Valley and see my niece and nephew.
I picked up my sister and niece and we drove to Happy Hoppers (a big bounce house) where we met my brother's ex-girlfriend and my nephew.
My brother's ex-girlfriend just had a baby (with another man...not my brother) so I got to snuggle a newborn.
While the ex-girlfriend and I visited with the baby, my brother, sister, and the kiddos bounced and bounced.
I had a great time seeing them and we had a lot of fun. It was great getting the cousins together and playing for the first time.

Enjoy the pictures!

And of course me holding the newborn!
(Don't mind the messy's summertime and goes crazy!)

Have a happy Friday Blogarinos! Hope your weekend is great and you have great weather.
I will be working all weekend. Boo!

May 26, 2011


I lived in Ohio for many years and thought it was great there.
You had bustling cities, great farming country, and everything in between.
On July 4th this year, Independence Day, will be eight years since I moved to Alaska.
I am so glad I made the trip up here and stayed. I will never be able to leave this place because everywhere I look, there are mountains.

Where is your home state and what do you like about it?
If you blog about it, share your link in a comment. I'd love to see pictures!

May 24, 2011

Sort of a vlog?

Taken at 11:50pm...almost midnight and the sun was setting!
Summer has officially arrived in Alaska.
Please excuse all my horrible voice at the moment and the noises my car makes. Ha!

May 21, 2011

Six Word Saturday

So excited to see my mom! 

My mom works up north on the Alaska Pipeline so she's gone for weeks at a time.
When she first started, she would two weeks on and two weeks off. Now that she got a promotion a few months ago, she's sometimes gone for 4-6 weeks with 1-2 weeks off.
She also lives in another town, so the night before she has to leave, she comes into town and stays at my place and I drive her to the airport the next morning.
Well, I haven't seen my mom in three months! Her schedule has been so out of whack that she's been working her butt off.
She's going to be coming to my place this afternoon and I'll see her when I get off work. I almost don't want to go to work so I can spend the entire day with her!
I cherish the few moments we get to see each other a year.

Have a happy Saturday Blogarinos!

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May 20, 2011

What I'm doing when I'm not here

I've been absent for a few days now. Partly due to lack of anything to say, feeling a little depressed, sleeping through my knee pain, and keeping myself busy with other projects.

Now to share my projects.

I've been tinkering around with making jewelry. It's so hard to find something I like and when I do, it's EXPENSIVE! So I thought I'd work around it and start making my own.

Nothing fancy, but I'm having fun creating them. I have so many more that I'm working on. As well as some flowers for headbands and hair pins.
I'm just going to keep crafting!

I'm back to work today and the rest of the weekend, so nothing fun going on my way this weekend.
What do you have planned?

Happy Friday Blogarinos!

May 15, 2011

Hopefully motivation

As I've mentioned a few times on my blog, Hubster and his brother have been really close and they used to live together. When Hubster and I were dating and later moved in together, it was with his brother as well.
A few months later, his brother moved in his girlfriend, Carrie, and we were one big happy family. It was actually a great setup because Hubster and his brother were really close and best friends while Carrie and I were best friends. Almost sisters.
When they moved April 2010, I was devastated. I felt like I lost a dear family member. We were always hanging out with each other. I miss the talks Carrie and I used to have. With her being in Minnesota and me all the way in Alaska, as well as our work schedules, we don't get to talk as much. It sucks.

Well, Carrie went and got pregnant on me...AND I'M ECSTATIC!

She is having a boy and is due September 22nd and I'm working my ass off to get there to be there for the birth! So I've started this...

The Minnesota Fund Bucket!!!
It's nothing fancy by any means, but it serves it's purpose.
I'm putting spare change, dollars that accumulate in my wallet, as well as any sales from my craftiness. I've been working on a few things that people at work have seen and plan on buying. I just have to mass produce a few things to keep up on the demand.
Maybe I'll introduce them on my blog and see if anyone is interested in buying some from me.
One can only hope!

So wish me luck in my efforts to see my nephew!
He's my motivation!


Have a blessed Sunday Blogarinos!

May 14, 2011

Six Word Saturday

I can log into Blogger again!
I will admit, I was having some withdrawl. It was annoying not being able to post when I great idea for a post! Now I lost my mojo.


New lifestyle change, wish us luck!
Hubster and I are starting a new lifestyle change. We're going through our bills, cutting costs, AND starting to eat differently. Both of us have struggled with our weight off and on. I was a lot bigger in the past and lost, but I gained some back and I just feel horrible.
Hoping for success! I know it's hard, but we're dedicated and prepared to struggle!


Hopefully I'm Minnesota-bound in September!
Carrie is due September 22nd and hopefully I'll have some money saved away so I can be there when she gives birth. I'm so excited! 
Happy Six Word Saturday Blogarinos! 

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May 12, 2011

Still waiting...

I had a MRI done last Friday on my ankle because the swelling has not gone down.
My knee cap is still making a funny noise and not sitting in the right place on my knee.
Whenever I put weight on my leg, a sharp pain goes from the tip of my knee cap all the way down to the bottom of my foot.
I'm still waiting for the MRI results.

So for now, as I sit and wait, I have to deal with this.

Meet Ethel. She's the nasty lump on my ankle that will not go away and causes the massive swelling.
I hate her.
For now, I limit the time I wear socks. They just cut off the circulation of my foot and makes the swelling worse.
I still cannot wear a sneaker. I'm stuck in Crocs wherever I go.

Please Dr. S! Call me and let me know what the results are so I can fix this and go back to work!

May 11, 2011

It's finally here!!

The first sign that summer is almost here...

This photo was taken at 11:35pm last night. Almost to full sun!!!

- Posted from my iPhone
May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

A big Happy Mother's Day to my mom!!

She's one fantastic momma!!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you mommy Blogarinos. Hope your day is special and full of lovies from your kiddos!

May 7, 2011

Six Word Saturday [Edition 19]

Back to my normal work schedule

I sure did enjoy working Monday thru Thursday for nine weeks. I was sad when the weekday supervisor came back from her medical leave. I'm happy she's back, but sad because I now am back to my weekend shifts. 
Not that I can work or anything. I get to sit on my butt all day on light duty. Ugh!

Happy Six Word Saturday Blogarinos!

This message brought to you by Six Word Saturday.
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May 6, 2011

My favorite products

***DISCLAIMER: I have in no way been compensated in any way by any of these companies and brands. I have simply gone to the store and purchased these items myself and tried them through a trial and error basis. I just thought I would share how happy I am with these products.***

I'm always trying new products to try and find what works for me.
Let me tell you, I've spent a ton of money trying to find "the one". Whether it's for my hair, my face, lotion, nail polish, you name it.
I have FINALLY found a few products that are definitely keepers!

One of my co-workers has the same type of hair as I do. Super frizzy and thick!
She told me about a spray gel from Pantene brand.

I got the one for curly because my hair is quite wavy/curly in it's natural state. This stuff is wonderful!
I'm not one to use a lot of hair products, but since the seasons are changing here in Alaska, it's creating havoc on my head.
Pantene Curly keeps the frizzies away, helps sculpt the hair, keeps in tamed, and holds all day. I highly recommend! They do offer other sprays for different kinds of hair. It's completely affordable as well.

I have the most sensitive face known to man! No matter what I do, it breaks out, gets dried, turns red, starts to flake, etc. I'm always afraid to try new products in fear that I'll look like a fool.
I break out really easily as well and have been struggling with acne since my teens.
I decided to go to the store and was determined to read every single bottle of cream, cleanser, lotion out there to try and find the perfect one to fit me.
I decided on a cleaner and a moisturizer.

I can use it as a daily cleaner and once a week use it as a mask. It makes my face feel so clean! I can feel it working deep down in my pores. When I wear it as a mask, it dries really nice and comes off very easily.

I also chose a daily moisturizer. It's very dry in Alaska and I find my face goes bonkers every week or so.

I'm not a huge fan of Aveeno products, but I decided to give this one a try. Don't knock it till you try it, or so I've heard.
I'm glad I gave it a shot!
Usually moisturizers or creams that promote clear complexions tend to dry out my face and make it worse, but this product makes it feel so soft and even.

Have any of you Blogarinos tried any of these products?
What are your favorite hair and face products?
I'm always up to look for new things!

May 5, 2011

And the surgeon says...

I went to my last session of physical therapy this morning, then went to see the ortho surgeon a few hours later for a follow-up.
I was so excited.
I had finished my physical therapy, I had full extension of my knee and I could fully bend it past 90 degrees.
I thought for sure that I would be cleared to go back to work on light duty, working my way back up to full duty.
I've been hoping that I could. I am so bored at work and hate just sitting there.
What kind of supervisor am I when I cannot be on the floor with everyone and making sure they are doing their job correctly and going through all procedures with patients??

The surgeon looked at my knee. He asked me to move my leg up and down and bend. He felt around while I did that and he seemed concerned. He said that the knee cap does not feel as if it's in the right spot...still.
He then examined down my leg until he reached my ankle and was horrified that my ankle has not changed. It's still doubled the size and burns. He thinks that the tendon was damaged and was misdiagnosed as a sprain with the first doctor I saw when the injury happened.
I'm scheduled for a MRI tomorrow afternoon where he will look at my knee again, and check out my ankle. He's referring me over to a foot surgeon to see what they can offer. Also, the surgeon is talking about scoping my knee to see what's going on around in there.
I'm still benched at work until June 5th.

So much for my positive attitude and working so hard at physical therapy. I thought I was really making progress...

May 4, 2011

Things I've been doing while away from Blogger

I've been a little MIA lately.
I've been so busy with life.

Things I've been doing while away from my blog:
  • Going to physical therapy. I have one more session left on Thursday, then I have a doctor's appointment later on that afternoon. Hopefully I have some good news. I haven't touched a patient in over a month! 
  • Crafting. I've been making felt flowers, doing a little bit of beading, and finding more projects to start. 
  • Dealing with meetings at the hospital. Since I'm on no physical duty whatsoever at work, I've been attending a lot of meetings to try and work out some kinks in the system. They are really eye opening. We're trying not to have an incident like mine happen again. 
  • Taking Gramma to all of her doctor appointments. She was finally cleared by her lung doctor to have breast surgery. Now I'm waiting to hear back from her breast surgeon to find out the details of when she's going to have surgery. Love the waiting game! 
  • Taking my van to Sears Auto Center five times. That's right. Five times! I took it in for new tires, new spark plugs, wires, tune up and a coolant flush. They had my van for nine hours before they called me and told me to come get it. When they gave the van back and I drove it home, it started to smoke really bad from the engine. I figured they had spilled some coolant on the engine when they filled it back up, so I parked it and let it sit for a bit. When I drove the next day, it smoked even worse. I took it back four different times and they said there is nothing they can do. Well after it smoked the last time, I popped the hood and found the leak. I called Sears again, and finally bitched at the manager and they agreed to replace a hose for free. Now it's smoke free.
  • Hitting up yard sales. I found some really great deals out there! I'm bummed because I'm back on my weekend shift, so no more yard saling the rest of the summer. Boo!
Hopefully I'll be back to my normal posting. I need to catch up on my Project 365 posts. I've been taking pics! Just have to compose the posts.

Have a happy Hump Day Blogarinos!


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